The Vision of Eunice Johnson

Zero One created a variety of video pieces for Chicago History Museum’s: Ebony Fashion Fair, an exhibit which told the history of Ebony Magazine’s Fashion Fair.  This video tells the story of Eunice Johnson (wife of John Johnson), and how she created Ebony Fashion Fair and the impact she had for African Americans in the world of high fashion.

Client: Chicago History Museum
Date: 2013

Lincoln: The Fiery Trial

This award winning video was created for Chicago History Museum’s: Lincoln Transformed.  In 7 minutes, this video tells the complex narrative of how Abraham Lincoln’s views on slavery evolved towards freeing the slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation. We researched, developed the story treatment and wrote the script.  We brought the story to life and created a cinematic experience by animating historical photos and art, as well as, directing voice actors to play important historical figures from Abraham Lincoln to Frederick Douglass.

Client: Chicago History Museum
Date: 2008

Shalom Chicago: Strike

This video installation was created for the Chicago History Museum’s “Shalom Chicago”, an exhibit about the history of the Jewish community in Chicago.  This installation, “Strike”, told the story of Bessie Abramowitz who led the 1910 Chicago Garment Worker’s Strike and was a key figure in the creation of labor unions in the United States.

Client: Chicago History Museum
Date: (2012)



Angel To Rebel is a documentary web-series created and directed by Nat Soti as part of the Connected Works Project at Chicago Art Department.  Angel To Rebel follows a young aspiring writer as she adapts her short story into her first comic book.  This is Episode 1: “Why I Write”.

Date: 2016