What Are Digital Badges?

This video was created for MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning Initiative to explain their innovative Digital Badges platform.  Digital Badges were developed to document and capture out of school learning.

Date: 2013

Willis Tower: Design Process

This video was created as part of the Skyline Stories (now Buildings of Chicago) project for the Chicago Architecture Foundation.  This series was a look at 10 iconic buildings in downtown Chicago.  For each building, Zero One created videos which spoke to FORM, design PROCESS, historical CONTEXT, and STORY, for a total of 40 videos for the project.  This video is the “Prcoess” video for Willis Tower.

Client: Chicago Architecture Foundation
Date: 2014

Looking At Democracy

This was a video announcing a competition called “Looking At Democracy” for the MacArthur Foundation. We created the concept, wrote the script, design and animated the graphics.

Client: MacArthur Foundation
Date: 2013