understanding. identity. story.

Founded in 2001, Zero One Projects is a Chicago-based video production and creative services agency, dedicated to telling compelling stories that promote, inform, and educate.

We specialize in working with non-profits, foundations, and educational, cultural and civic institutions.  That is to say we love working with people who are passionate about mission-driven, socially and culturally important work.    We want to create work that means something and impacts our world in positive ways and achieve this by bringing together the creative and technical expertise to produce high quality, engaging work with an understanding of what this work means to people.


We work to understand who our clients are, whom they serve, and who our audience is. We work to understand the technical and logistical needs of the project, including an understanding of a project’s constraints. But ultimately we work to understand the heart of the subject we are tackling, the story we are telling, the work we are showing, or the ideas, visions and beliefs we are promoting. 


Every project, every piece of work created needs an identity.  We like to ask, “what is the hook?”  How do we make this project original and distinct? What will make it memorable? What is this project’s personality and defining character traits?  These are questions that we look to answer in our treatment or concept development, the aesthetics or how something is shot, or in the way a story is told.


Story is about making the work compelling and engaging, making it something people can relate to.  It is about conveying information but also eliciting feeling and emotion. Story is how we give a project a larger sense of purpose, significance and meaning. All of this leads to impact in gaining a deeper understanding, learning about ourselves and our world, and even changing the way we see things.

Jen Masengarb

Director of Interpretation and Research / Chicago Architecture Foundation

In both filming and editing, Nat Soti of Zero One Projects has proven to be a thoughtful and creative story teller.  I admire the firm's work and their ability to pull together disparate content - interviews with architects, onsite footage, still images, and drawings - to weave a story that is both professional and engaging for students.